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I've just thought if we can have a set of new useful links related to biking, skiing, boarding, etc. Please post your link below, I will edit header post, so hopefully we will be able to make it "sticky":

Soil/surface "dampness" in Zurich area - may give you some idea on surrounding trails conditions:

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Topic starter Posted : 28/05/2021 1:32 pm
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One link I could not do without in Switzerland is this one:

The Swiss mapping system is second to none and here you can use the maps for free on your phone or computer, print off map sections at home to take with you or download map sections to your phone to use when offline.

Many people use the Swiss Mobility version with the hiking and or official bike routes on it, but I personally prefer the raw native version.

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Posted : 31/05/2021 7:05 am
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