Mountain Bike Improver Course


01 May    
9:00 am - 4:00 pm


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Baar Bahnhof
Baar SBB, Baar, Zug, 6430

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This course is the logical progression to our Beginner/Intermediate Course. On the improver course, skills will be developed to deal with steeper terrain, bigger steps and tighter turns. Over the course of the day, a Swiss Cycling MTB Expert will introduce concepts and drills to take your riding to the next level. The techniques introduced in our Intermediate course will be further developed to give you more confidence and to keep your mountain biking learning curve heading upwards.

While there are no prerequisites for this course it is suggested that you have attended our intermediate course. You should feel comfortable riding easy single trail with up to 10cm steps and have an understanding of basic cornering technique (outside foot down, pressing the bike into the turn). The aim of the course is to develop these skills and learn how to start to dynamically react to the train rather than passively letting the bike flow over the obstacle.

Skills covered include:
• Dynamic position
• Dynamic cornering
• Steeper terrain, bigger steps/drops in the trail
• Tighter Corners/Switchbacks
• Lifting the front and rear wheels
• Introducing the bunny hop

Course Location: TBC, Most likely Baar.

Contact: dave (at)

What you need:
• Mountain bike with minimum front suspension
• Helmet and gloves
• Drink backpack or water bottle
• Energy bar or snacks to eat during the day
• Rain gear

Max No. of Participants: 8

Course cost: 125CHF

Rental Bikes (it is strongly recommended you have your own bike for this course)

Safety is the highest priority for us at Swiss Alpine Adventure, however, mountain biking is a potentially dangerous sport. We can not guarantee total safety to anyone participating in our courses. There is always a chance of falling off your bike and while we do our best to minimise this the risk can not be totally eliminated, cuts, scratches and bruises are something that can not be totally protected against. Each skill will be explained and demonstrated before students attempt them and exercises will aim to slowly build up skills in as safe a way as possible. Participants MUST wear a helmet at all times when on any Swiss Alpine Adventure Mountain Biking course and everyone is strongly recommended to wear at least full finger gloves for additional safety. The use of knee or elbow pads is not necessary but if people feel more comfortable wearing them on their bikes then feel free to do so.


Bookings are closed for this event.


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