Bike Sale in Baar
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Bike Sale in Baar

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Every year I run a bike sale in Baar, locally known as a 'Velobörse'. This is essentially a marketplace where people can bring a bike to sell or choose a bike to buy. We typically have around 500 bikes, mainly in the category of city and also many childrens bikes. We also in addition have a handful of road bikes, trailers, mountain bikes and often the odd special item like a tricycle, tandem or unicycle.

This year I will again do everything I can to support SAA members by allowing early entry so you may have first pick of the bikes. Due to special Covid-19 measures will will start selling to the public at 09:30, but as an SAA member you may enter at 09:20. I really hope to see some of you there.

More information here:

Posted : 25/03/2021 9:45 pm
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