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Watersports Season 2021 is Open

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Looks like the first of us have already gotten wet this summer. The water is still pretty cold, but hopefully it will warm up quickly. On Friday and Saturday air temperatures were between 10 and 15 degrees, but the water was still only about 6 degrees.

The wind was quite gusty from the south west and pretty challenging, especially on Saturday... But it was definitely good to get out and give it a go.


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Topic starter Posted : 15/03/2021 2:09 pm
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In the three weeks since the last post the water temperature in lake Zug has increased from 6 degrees to 11 degrees and it's noticeably more comfortable already for doing watersports. (I suspect the same on other similar lakes). Once the current couple of days of winter weather is passed things will warm up quite quickly.

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Easter Saturday had some reasonable (if somewhat gusty) wind for sailing. 

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Posted : 06/04/2021 7:43 pm