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Based on a Blog post from Swiss Alpine Adventure, I thought this might be an interesting place to try and open an MTB technique discussion. What was the tip that helped you the most to progress in your MTB career?

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Posted : 24/04/2022 1:57 pm
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Excellent topic, Dave!!! I am not an expert by no means, neither "authorized" to give any advises, but few things, which helped me in my not_so_successful MTB carrier and others, when I gave them those suggestions:

- great place to practice - pump track! It might not be very comfortable to ride with your own MTB bike, as some tracks are very narrow, but it helps to be familiar with your own bike

- get low on bars (aka "elbows out") and in a balanced way. If you think you are low enough - trust me, in most cases you are not 😉 

- try to sit on your MTB as less as possible - it helps to be flexible on the bike, ready for an unexpected, balances suspension to make most of it, and last but not least, you force to work some other muscles too :). Surely, you will sit while climbing, but even then (if gradient/grip permits) - periodically stand up and pedal. Never sit on MTB goin down the trail!

- "spread your legs" (I know, sounds a bit offensive) - this will allow the bike to play underneath you. Again, the same as with bars/chin - if you think you are wide enough with knees/legs, you are not (you can film/photo yourself, you will see)!

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Posted : 05/05/2022 2:50 pm